Now in its sixth year, Streets Alive! returned to Cayuga and Court streets on Sunday, April 30. Cars were prohibited from stretches of both streets for the afternoon. Children, adults, and dogs took advantage of the street to walk, bike, roller blade, skateboard, Big Wheel, dance, laundry-basket, band march, play-fight, and otherwise motor about without the help of internal combustion engines. When everyone is having so much fun on a Sunday, there’s really nothing a dour muckraking reporter can do but take some photos. Streets…Continue Reading “Photos: Streets Alive!”

Urgent and breaking news: The Lake Street Park at Ithaca Falls has a dog-sh!t problem. See the below image, snapped at the gates of the Ithaca Falls Natural Area near the 7 o’clock hour on the morning of Friday, April 28. Sure, it’s not a very nice thing to drop a Wegman’s bag full o’ poo on the ground by the gates of the newly renovated Natural Area entranceway. But it’s also going to happen without some receptacles there for dog-poo, trash, and recycling, too….Continue Reading “Ithaca Falls Has a Dog Sh!t Problem (And Other Friday Morn Photos)”

By Josh Brokaw A former Cornell worker is pursuing legal action against the university because, she says, Cornell discriminated against her because of her gender, then retaliated against her for speaking out. “I am a female and opposed discrimination. Because of this, I have been subject to unlawful discriminatory actions,” Julie Featherstone wrote in the first item of a complaint to the New York State Division of Human Rights, filed in July 2016. Featherstone was the senior director of administration in Alumni Affairs and Development…Continue Reading “Lawsuit: ‘Pervasive’ Gender Discrimination in Cornell Alumni Affairs Office”

Photos & Words by Josh Brokaw The Ithaca Commons were full on the afternoon of Saturday, April 22, with people coming out to show their support of science education and funding. The Ithaca/Central New York rally was one of many held worldwide on Earth Day 2017. Tristan MacLean, a co-founder of the educational project Keep On Questioning, told the crowd gathered before the Bernie Milton pavilion that science outreach “serves everyone.” “We need to keep on asking questions,” MacLean said. “We need to keep asking…Continue Reading “Photos: Ithaca March for Science”

By Josh Brokaw If Ithaca does ever build a conference center, one thing is almost for certain: Taxpayers will pay for part or all of the bill. The results of a market demand study for a conference center in downtown Ithaca have been released, and the headline finding has been that Ithaca could support a facility for conferences, weddings, and the like. That doesn’t mean that building a conference center would make anyone any money, directly. “It’s very typical stand-alone conference centers don’t make money,”…Continue Reading ““Conference Centers Don’t Make Money,” But Ithaca Is Ready For One”

By Josh Brokaw Refusing to pay taxes is one form of nonviolent resistance that has a long history in the annals of American dissent. War tax resistance dates back to Quaker and Mennonite opposition to the French and Indian War in 1755, according to an article by Ed Hedemann in the War Resisters League Organizers Manual. Henry David Thoreau was jailed for non-payment of taxes during the Mexican War, during which time he wrote his essay on civil disobedience. The advent of employee tax withholding…Continue Reading “No War, No Trump: Tax Resisters Withhold Support”

Anne Marshall came onto WRFI News on Tuesday, April 11, to speak with co-hosts Forrester Hammer and Josh Brokaw about returning to work via a judge’s injunction on April 3. Marshall spoke about the National Labor Relations Board trial that wrapped up last week, where it was alleged that Cayuga Medical Center fired her and another nurse for union activity, rather than not following a blood transfusion protocol. Marshall also spoke about getting the campaign for Cayuga Medical nurses to join SEIU 1199 back in…Continue Reading “Audio: Anne Marshall On Returning to Work and Organizing at Cayuga Medical”

By Josh Brokaw Every year, sometime in January, a handful of volunteers spend the night traipsing Tompkins County with the goal of turning names into numbers. The names are those of homeless people. The numbers are required by the federal government. In a place the size of Ithaca, the names and locations of local outdoorspeople are often well-known to those doing the survey. Many of the volunteers who do the “point-in-time” count every year already work with people who spend much of their time on…Continue Reading “The Point-in-Time Count: Making People Into Numbers For Federal Funds”

By Josh Brokaw The second federal case in less than a year against Cayuga Medical Center for alleged labor law violations wrapped up on Tuesday, April 4. The trial started on January 9 and took 16 days of testimony broken up over four multiple-day stints. After a three week break in this National Labor Relations Board hearing, it resumed on Monday, April 3 – the same day fired nurse Anne Marshall went back to work under a federal injunction. Cayuga Medical presented its last two…Continue Reading “Dealing With the “Labor Organizing Threat:” Cayuga Medical Federal Trial Ends”

Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw A circle of people gathered round in a cold drizzle on the afternoon of Thursday, March 31, on Ithaca’s Commons to protest the detention of José Coyote Pérez by Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]. Pérez is a farm worker and advocate who has lived in Livingston County for 17 years, according to the Worker Justice Center of New York. He was detained by ICE on Feb. 24 and is now being held in Batavia, though his case was closed…Continue Reading “Ithacans Rally for José Coyote Pérez, Farmworker Detained by ICE”