Family’s Attorney Investigating ER Waiting Room Death at Cayuga Medical

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Jeff DeFrancisco, a Syracuse-based personal injury lawyer, announced in a Feb. 15 press release sent out to media on Wednesday morning that he has retained by the family of the man who died in Cayuga Medical Center’s emergency department waiting room on Jan. 19.

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The release sums up several of the numerous reports that came to light quoting the nurse involved and Cayuga Medical administration. It withholds the identity of the man who died in the CMC waiting room, but quotes his brother at some length:

According to the decedent’s brother, “the family is very upset to learn about the many breakdowns that occurred. You have nurses publicly stating they told management that they were not adequately staffed nor were they trained on hospital procedures. At the same time you have management blaming a nurse for falsifying triage documentation and not following hospital procedures. Words cannot describe my family’s anger and frustration with everything we are learning. My brother was a caring person who loved life, and he will be deeply missed by our family. There will always be an emptiness in our hearts, and he will never be forgotten. Our number one concern is finding out what happened and making sure this horrific incident never happens to anyone else. My brother never should have had to die alone in a hospital waiting room.”

“My office has already started an independent investigation on behalf of the family to ensure we learn the entire truth,” DeFrancisco says. The attorney added that the public “rarely hears about the true extent of medical errors” because internal hospital investigations are rarely disclosed and medical malpractice settlements usually involve a non-disclosure agreement.

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