Ithaca Falls Has a Dog Sh!t Problem (And Other Friday Morn Photos)

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Urgent and breaking news: The Lake Street Park at Ithaca Falls has a dog-sh!t problem.

See the below image, snapped at the gates of the Ithaca Falls Natural Area near the 7 o’clock hour on the morning of Friday, April 28.

Sure, it’s not a very nice thing to drop a Wegman’s bag full o’ poo on the ground by the gates of the newly renovated Natural Area entranceway. But it’s also going to happen without some receptacles there for dog-poo, trash, and recycling, too.

There’s no way to throw anything out at the Ithaca Falls, at the moment. Which is why we all have to look at this latest Mountain Dew tallboy up close and personal:


Yes, Mountain Dew White Label. Because Jim Beam wasn’t dangerous enough.

It is also the official editorial position of TruthSayers News that the sign below at the Ithaca Falls entrance should be taken down:


Who are you trying to scare from swimming? The Bavarian Birkenstock Bus crowd?

Anyone who has walked Fall Creek knows this sign is a copy of one put up by Cornell. That sign is posted at the bottom of some steps leading down from campus, near the Johnson Museum, and it’s a very Bad Idea swimming area. People have died in that particular location, in recent years. The quote from a trained diver here saying ‘Don’t Swim!’ is well-heeded. In that location.

This reporter doesn’t claim that no one has died by swimming by the Ithaca Falls’ bottom in all the years of its history. But I’m not personally aware of any tragedies at the Falls’ base, and this sign isn’t going to stop anyone who wants to swim from swimming. The quote from the diver and the graphic are about another place on Fall Creek – posting them at this location is a lie. And considering the number of adorably dipsh!t dogs and reporters one can see swimming at the Falls in the summertime without adverse outcomes, it seems like some unnecessary scaremongering.

City peoples can always contact their elected officials about this or any issue at and the Common Council at

Enough sh!tty politics for the day. Here are some other pictures from the spring morning-time on Friday in Fall Creek. After this commercial break …

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Now, some pretty pictures. If they’re not good enough for you, let’s see yours.



The step-up rock, below. One has to wonder who first moved this rock over to the place that so many step up onto every year.


If anyone knows what makes this groty foam, please let TruthSayers know.





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4 thoughts on “Ithaca Falls Has a Dog Sh!t Problem (And Other Friday Morn Photos)

  1. You want a can? Donate one…And the time to dispose of the contents. No one is stopping you from doing a good deed.

    As far as I know, it is a “pack in, pack out” area. Shame on those that won’t clean up after themselves.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment.

      In theory, I’d love for citizens to step up and take action to pay attention when the municipality’s Public Works employees can’t keep up. And I’d certainly agree that ‘pack in, pack out’ should be the philosophy. Maybe there should be a sign reminding people of those obligations, rather than a scary sign about swimming.

      But having listened to hours to discussion in City Hall about how to upgrade this park area, given the amount of traffic that happens there, it does seem like an oversight to not put any cans there at all. The city spent around $200,000 on upgrading just the park area and talked about it a lot – e.g.

    1. The first link, Nate, to my understanding, is referring to deaths that happened where that sign was initially posted, by Cornell, further east in Fall Creek.
      Whether the first man in the second link was a swimming accident, I can’t say, but no further information was ever released.

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