Notes & Photos: Tom Reed in Trumansburg

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TruthSayers cartoonist Christine Finnigan submitted these notes and photographs from Representative Tom Reed’s visit to the Trumansburg fire hall on Saturday, June 3. If you have writing, photos, or video to share on meetings or other issues of public importance, email

Words & Photos by Christine Finnigan

Another exercise in futility trying to be heard at a Tom Reed town hall this morning in Trumansburg.  At 8:10, we arrived to find the room had reached capacity (180) already. The fire hall folks tried to tell Reed’s people it wouldn’t be big enough, but they seem to favor venues that are too small.

Finally at 8:50, 20 minutes late, the meeting began with questions about Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord and moving on to health care and the budget. In every case he listened to the question but didn’t really HEAR what was said.  He merely repeated Trumpisms and parroted the Republican party line.

Reed feels that President Obama had no business getting us into the the climate accord without ratification of Congress and wouldn’t respond to arguments that all components were voluntary targets, not ironclad commitments.

Reed deflected criticisms of the American Health Care Act, saying that the draconian parts such as high premiums for 50 to 65 year-olds can’t happen in New York state.  He was very clear that he does not support Planned Parenthood funding in any way

Reed responded to queries about dropping cuts to regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and popular programs like Meals on Wheels and food banks by saying that removing those from the budget would cause a government shut down and the current debt level is unsustainable so one must prioritize.

The meeting adjourned to chants of “Vote him out!!”

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