Type Your Truth Results: Ithaca Festival Edition

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Over Ithaca Festival weekend, TruthSayers hosted an Interactive Mobile Newsroom experience. This interactive mobile newsroom could also be called a “table covered in typewriters,” with the TruthSayers staff – that is, everyone who wants to tell truth about the world around us- filling up 30-plus pages with thoughts and varied typewritten experiments throughout the weekend.

Many of our staff had not used a typewriter before; others hadn’t pecked at a mechanical writing machine for many moons.

TruthSayers staffers pecking away at typewriters at Ithaca Festival. June 3, 2017.

The results begin with a call that “raine or shine we have to make sure that we love each other,” and end with a story of a middle schooler doing “secret agent stuff.” Poems from Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Robert Frost, and Sister Catherine Tuberty made it into these pages, along with the lyrics from Smash Mouth’s 1999 hit “All Star.” There were also expressions  of one’s own self’s awesomeness, along with the awesomeness of typewriters, several esoteric short stories, and a few moments of heartbreaking truth, like this one:

These pages are not entered exactly in order, of course; one of the fun things about a newsroom is the management of chaos, with many fingers typing all at once.

You can see the scanned pages below. This “Type Your Truth” experiment will be continuing this summer. Join TruthSayers on Saturday, June 10, at Paleophonic Festival II in the town of Spencer at Fools Hill Farm. On Sunday, June 11, join TruthSayers at the Wounded Warriors In Action/New Park Ithaca first annual car show from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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