Radio: Carolina Osorio Gil on Housing, Making Progressive Change

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Carolina Osorio Gil, one of three Democratic candidates for the District 3 seat in the Tompkins County Legislature, joined Josh Brokaw of TruthSayers News for an interview that originally aired on WRFI News on September 5.

“There is a gap between local government and the people, so to speak, and activists,” Osorio Gil said. “In trying to bridge that gap and understand how our local political system works and how laws are made at the county level, I’ve become really interested in trying to change that … I’ve learned these processes are very long. You can want what you want as an individual legislator, but only with having a majority vote do you get to make big changes we want to see.”

Osorio Gil said she differentiates herself as a candidate because she wants to change processes so that “people affected by legislation bring their wisdom and their knowledge into a leadership position rather than being recipients of the laws.”

On the question of tax abatements, Osorio Gil said it “would be great to have abatements for housing that is affordable. There have been large tax abatements for development plans with higher cost housing and the hotels, etcetera, which are not solving the issue of affordable housing … it requires a lot of large changes, one of them being a mentality of not in my back yard, accepting lower-income or mixed-income housing in places where they’re not accepting it.”

Osorio Gil said she’d also like to see more homes that low to moderate income people can afford to buy.

On the question of the living wage, Osorio Gil said the county has an “obligation to provide that,” while saying she does realize it’s a “complex issue that involves many people, including small business owners who may not be able to provide that, to me the reality is people do need to make a living wage.”

Carolina Osorio Gil. Photo via

The interview also touched on questions of incarceration policy.

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Featured graphic by Caleb Thomas from Osorio Gil’s website.

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