Radio: Jennifer Karius, District 12 Candidate for Tompkins County Legislature

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Jennifer Karius, a registered Democrat who is running as an independent for the District 12 seat of the Tompkins County Legislature, spoke to Josh Brokaw of TruthSayers News for an interview that originally aired on WRFI Radio News on October 31, 2017.

After some time abroad Karius said she decided “the best thing to do in a globalized economy is to work at home and try to create efficacy in local governance at a time when governments have less control.”

“Stratification of incomes between quite high and low are coming forward very much on the national level,” Karius said. “As this filters through the state it hits the county and influences all of our finances. So when I speak to people in my district at their doors about the coming election ,what’s most on their minds is  the national government and why things look so skewed and screwed up. People telling me they’re not even going to vote anymore, and these are consistent voters, stepping back.”

Karius said on the question of affordable housing, the county should take a “look in the contracts themselves with developers who are entering our areas, it seems very easily and very invitedly, and start to ask tough questions about what these contracts look like.”

Jennifer Karius. Photo provided.

To listen to the full interview, use this link to or use the embedded player below:

And listen to our interview with Amanda Champion, Karius’ opponent in the District 12 race, at this link.

Featured graphic: Created by Caleb Thomas for Carolina Osorio Gil campaign site.

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