Elections 2017: Tompkins & Schuyler County Elections Results, Kind Of

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If you just want to see Tompkins & Schuyler County contested election results, scroll down toward the end of this page. Then give us some money, pretty please. Now, we gotta do the everyday work of paying attention to what our Elected Officials DO. And that’s exhausting work sometimes. Which is why writings like the following spurt out.


Screenshot from my gmail – [someone, take my identity, please!] – from an email by 314 Action.

Your correspondent, Josh Brokaw,  writes these notes at 10:40 p.m., Tuesday, November 7 — called in some corners of the Ithaca, New York, region: “Election Day.” 

If you were wondering who won Virginia’s gubernatorial race, the screenshot above should give you a hint. Heard it was a big win for the Democrat. I didn’t follow it – don’t have time for much of that “out-of-town” stuff.

Fooling around with national news. The stuff’s bad for you.

Make food, make time, make music, make love, come out for TruthSayers events, go to the park, sit in the park, eat in the park, play rock ‘n roll loud, play reggae loud, play rap loud, play ska loud if you have friends who are tolerant of your vices. Go to a local meeting sometime and complain about something.

Chris Hedges is on the KPFT Houston community radio as we write, talking ’bout the late Roman kings. [Broadcasting locally on 88.1 Ithaca 90.9 Watkins Glen WRFI.]

We’re not lusting for wealth in this town, not in the lurid imperial way that it’s easy to imagine Trump doing. But if we ignore the D.C. circuit, does all the crap all go away? I’d like to know.

Of course bad things are happening all over the nation, and the world. We hear about all of them. My grandparents tell me about a hot summer, a cold winter, the peaches had a tough time in Indiana. There’s weird changes going on all over the world, all the time, and knowledge of any of that was not the lot of our great- or great-great or great-great-great-grandparents. No matter who your roots are – peasants in Europe, villagers in Africa, nomads anywhere — lots of people in medieval into early modern times didn’t have much concept of what was 20 miles over thatta way. And if they did, it was something so fantastic. Not to say that the medieval world was all ignorant, I’m aware that there were traveling merchants and great fairs that drew whole countrysides and such … [though, please, write me 600 words in detail on the subject, TruthSayers will publish it.] …

We – the Big We, the Human Species, at least the uberconnected American version that I know — have no uncertainty in our portrait of the world.  Well, yeah, they have a Wal-Mart and a Cargill plant over there in Watkins Glen. Where do we write down, on the little Sharpie-drawn napkin map we hand to the passer-by,



We – again, the Big, Modern Non-Dragon-Noticing We — like to believe that with all the sacrifices we’ve made of our leisure in favor of growth & prosperity, that all of our fancy learning and big machinery can solve the rising of the oceans.

Or at least, we fundraise on the premise that we’re fixing something. And when I say “we,” I mean everyone else but TruthSayers, a not-yet-incorporated organization that will use your money for Nothing But Good [NBG, trading on the NASDAQ at %0.0092]. That is, if you consider cutting down trees to make reading material available in hand & eye-friendly print to be The Good.

The  lead screenshot announcing the governor of Virginia as a “Science VICTORY” is also a financial pitch for 314 Action, a group representing themselves as the Pro-Science Resistance. I got no beef with them; though I do find it a little odd that they’re writing this paragraph like they won the Virginia election through their very own organizing campaign?

We’ll be honest: We’re definitely a little giddy.

Thanks to the hard work and tireless edication of thousands of progressives like you, Virginia’s next Governor will be a man who believes in science, evidence, and facts — instead of a corporate crony, bought and paid for by Big Oil.

That’s a testament to the strength of grassroots movements like ours!

Your correspondent happens to get a lot of their emails. I seem to get a lot of these filtering into my various boxes, from various organizations, agitating for some specific political change or “in support” of some cause — often the money going into thinktanks, or into that specializes in news re-distribution for a base, like Common Dreams, and where does all this money-giving and lobby-making and politicking get us …

cutting ourselves short, we got election results to get at.

It’s too late to go into ConCon, in this space. The vote was NO. Here’s the NYTIMES wrap by the reliable Jesse McKinley.



Call into WRFI from 7:20 or so to 7:50 or so in the WEDNESDAY morning at (607) 319-5445 and we’ll talk about the elections. 

Here in Tompkins County, if we keep our head in the Ithacan clouds, we have the freedom to whinge that the local Democrats do need to learn how to throw a party. [We’re probably listening to too much Chris Hedges. This is dire stuff. “Casino capitalism.” The former NYTIMES reporter is giving applause lines like a rallying preacher about the white people “exploiting the earth in the pursuit of human progress.”]

The TVs first found C-SPAN 2 and this face talking. Later the channel was changed to Spectrum News. Isn’t there like, a basketball game on or something? Play Young Frankenstein in the background, for kicks?

Anyway – the Tompkins County Democrats need to find amongst their numbers a band. Book a band. Get a DJ. I don’t care. Throw a party. Make politics be fun. At least play some lively Springsteen on the PA. Playing the Bank-of-America sponsored classical feed off whatever lame NPR station plays classical at 11 p.m. would be better than nothing.

Tompkins County Democrats election night party, 2017. Someone move the chairs, please! Josh Brokaw/TruthSayers

Order three dozen sloppy greasy vulgar delicious pizzas from each of the downtown vendors and get people in off the sidewalk. Start talking to people on the sidewalk, and maybe they’ll start coming into the voting booths on the regular. Or more importantly, showing up to City Hall and the Old Courthouse, letting the representatives have it when important city-running,  making-it-better-for-everyone shit isn’t getting done.

Go outside into the wintry air, get a boombox, and play Badlands on repeat until everyone throws their fists into the air.

Which is not to say, of course, that there were not many nice people many I knew, many I did not. But there’s not enough liveliness in the sole act of conversing about “who will win?” an hour from the time of results, or looking at someone writing numbers upon a wall. It can be a fascinating act, but it’s not the sole attraction of a human gathering.

Have the Danby Church crew cater their delectable election night pork, mash,  gravy & veggies dinner. Ignore the dessert table — that’s mine. I will growl at you.

Doing the numbers at Tompkins County Democratic Party ‘Party,’ Election Night 2017. Photo: Josh Brokaw/TruthSayers

We were getting to election results.

Election 2017 Results coming soon.

Election Results … on their way … results results results winners losers we got ’em, here’s some numbers …




Where’s the results?! Neil’s on the case.
Josh Brokaw/TruthSayers


WELL, THE Board of Elections hasn’t posted them yet as of 12:10 a.m.

I don’t want to steal  them away from other outlets  that hung out and waited from the poll numbers to come in.

Kelsey O’Connor (Voice) has the page built to skip around election results. I’m not building that a competitor, now, 12:14 a.m. Go there for full results & totals. Quick commentary to follow. Links are to interviews with candidates aired originally on WRFI.

Democrats won by a fairly comfortable margin in Dryden. Here’s our interview with re-elected supervisor Jason Leifer.

No contested races in Enfield, a whole board elected. Beth McGee, now a councilperson, is taking over the supervisor’s seat from the departing Ann Rider.

Two contested seats in town board of Groton – Republicans won them, by fair 150 to 250 vote margins.

Cynthia Brock was re-elected to Common Council in Ithaca. Here’s our interview with Brock, along with her two challengers. Laura Lewis, the endorsed Democrat, won in the 5th Ward over Melissa Hall and Aryeal Jackson.

Wednesday update: Aryeal Jackson sends in this statement – “I ran a race I’m proud of. One based on issues and solutions. Laura will be a great addition to the council And I’m excited to see what she accomplishes.”

And here’s Hall on Facebook:

Henry Granison won 580 votes for District 3; 129 voted for Carolina Osorio Gil on the Working Families line.

Anne Koreman beat Keith Hannon 1,200&change to  750&change. Mike Sigler, Republican of Lansing, held his seat against a challenge from Mike Koplinka-Loehr.

Laura Lewis, left, and Henry Granison, right, congratulated by Martha Robertson, center in red, at Tompkins County Democrats’ Election Night 2017 event. Josh Brokaw/TruthSayers

The two Republican incumbents, Doug Dake and Robert Cree, on the Lansing Town Board won in the closest election of the night over Joe Wetmore and Walaa Maharem-Horan. It was a top-two win election: Doug Dake won the most votes at 1,508, Cree second, Wetmore had 1,449 and Maharem-Horan 1,406.  Pretty damn close.

Update – here’s the text of a 7:25 a.m. Wednesday email from Joe Wetmore – the Lansing Town Board race might not yet be decided.

The voice is calling this race early. It going to be decided by absentee ballots.

Walaa 1406
Joe 1449
Cree 1461
Dake 1508
Town of Lansing Absentees
Dem.  90
Rep.    63
Con.      2
Grn.        1
Ind.          6
BLK.      21
Total.  183

Outstanding.  52


We’ll see Thursday

In Schuyler County, the “Protect Hector” Democratic ticket appears to have won a clean sweep of a three-seat race for the Hector Town Board, pending absentee results. It was a very close race; incumbent Michael Bergen won the most votes of the Republican/Constitutional party candidates with 810. Bob Barton had the least of the Protecting Hector candidates, with 820. So we shall see.

District Attorney Joe Fazzary won an uncontested race for re-election, as did Schuyler County Sheriff William Yessman.

David Reed won a tight election in District 1 for the Schuyler County Legislature against John Van Soest. Republican Van Harp currently hold a four-vote lead over Joseph Campbell for the District 2 seat. James W.D. Howell Jr, a Republican, beat Democrat Richard Ballard in District 3, and Michael Lausell was re-elected without challenge in District 4.

Here’s a post from Ballard on Facebook:

TruthSayers could use your money. So could lots of other people, but we could use some of it, too.

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