Upheld: Cayuga Medical Broke Federal Law

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By Josh Brokaw

Three members of the National Labor Relations Board have reviewed the first case brought against Cayuga Medical Center for union busting, and affirmed a judge’s earlier decision that Tompkins County’s only hospital is guilty of breaking federal labor law.

The National Labor Relations Board made public a “board decision” on Friday, December 22, issued on December 16, that affirms a judge’s ruling in the first case brought against Cayuga Medical for multiple violations of the National Labor Relations Act.

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Cayuga Medical Center appealed the initial ruling in this case, which was issued in late October 2016. Appealed verdicts go to the National Labor Relations Board’s top panel — five members at full strength — for a decision.

Beyond withholding one question of the case for further consideration, that of whether rules in CMC’s nursing code of conduct violate the law, the NLRB board actually has stiffened the penalty for Cayuga Medical’s actions against pro-union nurses.

Judge David Goldman had ruled last year that Cayuga Medical’s offenses were not severe enough to warrant a reading of the ruling before all employees, one of the stiffer penalties the NLRB can levy. Upon review, the NLRB board members decided that Cayuga Medical administrators or a NLRB official must read the decision to a meeting or meetings of all CMC workers within 14 days of the ruling.

A second hearing was held in January through April of 2017 on additional charges Cayuga Medical Center had broken federal labor law by firing nurses Anne Marshall and Loran Lamb. That ruling has not yet been issued.

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TruthSayers will take a longer look at this decision after the holidays pass. For now, this reporter has to get his Jeep up and running so he can visit his folks in Pennsylvania for the holidays. Read the full 47-page decision below.

Photo: Cayuga Medical Center, October 2016. Josh Brokaw/TruthSayers

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Cayuga Medical NLRB Board Decision (Text)

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