All About TruthSayers News,  Presented in Convenient Question and Answer Format

What is TruthSayers News?

TruthSayers is a website where stories can be told that the corporate news ignores.

TruthSayers is a news organization that exists to tell the stories of everyday working people.  We aim to report on issues of local concern, wherever your local may be, and to help people find their own voice.

If you want to tell your story, TruthSayers can help you do that. Do you want to try out a typewriter? TruthSayers can help you do that.

TruthSayers exists to hold large institutions that affect our everyday lives to a higher standard than chasing profit or maintaining the bureacratically simple status quo.

TruthSayers is anywhere people together to talk about their problems and find solutions.

Who is TruthSayers?

The newest artist, reporter, editor, photographer, webmaster, filmmaker, designer, publisher, programmer, printmaker, artist, cartoonist, columnist, or dartboard target for TruthSayers could be you.

Anyone who likes paying attention to the world around them, holding power to account, and having some fun along the way can be a reporter. It’s not a magical profession – it’s a way of looking at the world.

When and why did TruthSayers News come to be?

Reporter Josh Brokaw started TruthSayers News in October 2016 after breaking up with the Ithaca Times a couple months before. Read more about Brokaw and other TruthSayers contributors at our Contributors page.

One of Brokaw’s biggest stories so far on TruthSayers News has been following the union campaign and subsequent federal union busting at Cayuga Medical Center, Ithaca’s only hospital, coverage of which was severely lacking from other outlets. [At the Times, the publisher nixed any coverage of that campaign – suffice it to say that Cayuga Medical pays plenty in advertising fees to that “alternative” paper.]

How is TruthSayers funded?

Through September 2018, any funding TruthSayers has received has come entirely from in-person cash and check donations and online donations via PayPal and Patreon.

Those donations have gone into the personal account of TruthSayers founder Josh Brokaw. He’s used them to cover hosting costs for the website, paid for some equipment costs, and paid for some personal expenses. Right now, Brokaw is living rent-free, so if you have a treehouse or a yurt, or some other structure you’d like occupied, let him know at

We’re exploring any and all funding ideas. Lemonade stands and yard sales are probably more likely than funding our reporting with one of those sweet $2 billion contracts for a fighter jet that never gets built, but we’ll listen to any pitch to make some funding for journalism.

Mostly for now, we’re just asking for money nicely.

“The one vocation for man is to find out what is real.

If I and you are finding out what is truth, which is our true vocation, then in the search of that we will not be in competition. I shall not be competing with you, I shall not fight you, though you may express that truth in a different way; you may be the Prime Minister; I shall not be ambitious and want to occupy your place because I am seeking equally with you what is truth. Therefore, as long as we do not find out that true vocation of man, we must be in competition with each other, we must hate each other; and whatever legislation you may pass, on that level you can only produce further chaos.”

— J. Krishnamurti

Last updated by Josh Brokaw, March 7, 2019.