By Josh Brokaw Update, May 13: As one reader on social media have pointed out, this piece is “ridiculously biased.” This piece is not meant to be straight-ahead reporting – this piece is one reporter’s feeling about the situation at Cayuga Medical Center after doing months of reporting on issues there. Cayuga Health System – parent company of Cayuga Medical Center, Schuyler Medical Center, and Cayuga Medical Associates – celebrated National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week this second week of May. We know this…Continue Reading “A Happy “Screw You” From Cayuga Medical For National Nurses’ Week”

Urgent and breaking news: The Lake Street Park at Ithaca Falls has a dog-sh!t problem. See the below image, snapped at the gates of the Ithaca Falls Natural Area near the 7 o’clock hour on the morning of Friday, April 28. Sure, it’s not a very nice thing to drop a Wegman’s bag full o’ poo on the ground by the gates of the newly renovated Natural Area entranceway. But it’s also going to happen without some receptacles there for dog-poo, trash, and recycling, too….Continue Reading “Ithaca Falls Has a Dog Sh!t Problem (And Other Friday Morn Photos)”

By Josh Brokaw “Cornell has many large auditoriums and is dedicated to serving the community,” thought the reporter as he hurried across campus on a windy, below-freezing day in February. “Surely Cornell knows that hundreds of people in this extremely liberal town will want to see a man who has been living in front of Democracy Now! microphones for months on end … “Cornell let a man who sells cleaning supplies talk at that nice big Statler Auditorium,” the reporter continued inner-monologuing to himself earnestly…Continue Reading “Too Few Seats at Cornell For Dave Archambault of Standing Rock”

By Josh Brokaw The night Tom Reed visited Ithaca, his little one-desk office on the fourth floor of the Gateway center was redolent of pad Thai, pizza, chicken wings, and a storebought sesame and shiitake salad dressing that flavored the only vegetables available in an anarchic desktop buffet. The buffet was catered by a stream of well-wishers and fellow travelers who had come by to see the 24-hours-a-day occupiers of a room rented by the New York 23rd congressional district’s representative not so people can…Continue Reading “On the Extreme Ithaca Liberal Occupation of Tom Reed’s Office”

Santa Claus himself gets less plaudits for generosity than Cornell bestowed upon Herbert Fisk Johnson III [Cornell‘79 M.Eng. ’80, M.S. ’82, MBA ’84, Ph.D. ’86] earlier this week. “Fisk” gave a record $150 million gift to name Cornell’s recently created College of Business after his great-great-grandfather SC Johnson, creator of “A Family Company,” the maker of Glade®, Pledge®, Windex®, Mr. Muscle®, OFF!®, RAID®, Kiwi®, and many other brand-name household compounds. Johnson’s father, Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr., named the Cornell school of business with a $20…Continue Reading “$150 Million Buys Lots of Laughs”

By Josh Brokaw Tompkins County Democrats got in line at the county library on Saturday, January 28, to have their voices heard. People lined up along the room’s sides for a turn at the microphone, with listeners spilling out of the meeting room’s doors. That their voices were heard by other people whom, in theory, were all registered Democrats, was the point of the session, it seems. The initial concept –  laid out in a press release, was to have an unreported session because “the…Continue Reading “Tompkins County Democrats Listen To Each Other, Now What To Do?”

Writers, like most people, like to be noticed once in a while. Sit or stand at a keyboard all day in a quiet room, and even a misspelled email in ALL CAPS informing one of gross incompetence and grammar mistakes can be a comfort: “Well, at least somebody is reading,” the writer thinks. Those writers who have come to Ithaca over the past 15 years through the City of Asylum program experienced a heavier sort of critical attention in their home countries. Your average letter-writer…Continue Reading “Voices For Freedom Speak In Ithaca”

Local Sierra Club Sings the Frackers Away

This story was originally published May 20, 2014, on the journalism crowdfunding site Beacon Reader with the financial support of 50-plus donors. Support more reporting by this independent Truthsayer with a donation. By Josh Brokaw WEST MILTON, May 18 – There’s only so much a group can do to get people out of the house these days. That was apparent on Sunday afternoon at the second “Songs from the Sacrifice Zone” concert, hosted by the Otzinachson Group of the Sierra Club. The Otzinachson chapter covers…Continue Reading “Local Sierra Club Sings the Frackers Away”

Just the Facts of Fracking: Boom or Bust? Savior or Destroyer?

This story was originally published May 17, 2014, on the journalism crowdfunding site Beacon Reader with the financial support of 50-plus donors. Help support more independent reporting with a donation. By Josh Brokaw Do you like clean water? Do you like people having jobs? Do you like giving people the opportunity to improve their quality of life? Do you like wooded hiking trails, pristine forests, and trout streams? Pay attention to what’s said by the proponents or opponents of shale gas drilling, and it sounds…Continue Reading “Just the Facts of Fracking: Boom or Bust? Savior or Destroyer?”