By Josh Brokaw Some Ithaca College students are planning on “camping in” this week at the school’s Peggy Ryan Williams Center, the glossy, glassy administration building with a spectacular view of Cayuga Lake. Students for Labor Action at Ithaca College held a press conference on Tuesday, May 2, to announce their action in support of contingent faculty professors Shoshe Cole, Rachel Gunderson, and David Kornreich. The “Fired 3,” as their advocates call the professors, were on the bargaining committee that negotiated the first contract for…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Students Camping In For ‘Fired 3’ Professors”

By Josh Brokaw A former Cornell worker is pursuing legal action against the university because, she says, Cornell discriminated against her because of her gender, then retaliated against her for speaking out. “I am a female and opposed discrimination. Because of this, I have been subject to unlawful discriminatory actions,” Julie Featherstone wrote in the first item of a complaint to the New York State Division of Human Rights, filed in July 2016. Featherstone was the senior director of administration in Alumni Affairs and Development…Continue Reading “Lawsuit: ‘Pervasive’ Gender Discrimination in Cornell Alumni Affairs Office”

Photos & Words by Josh Brokaw The Ithaca Commons were full on the afternoon of Saturday, April 22, with people coming out to show their support of science education and funding. The Ithaca/Central New York rally was one of many held worldwide on Earth Day 2017. Tristan MacLean, a co-founder of the educational project Keep On Questioning, told the crowd gathered before the Bernie Milton pavilion that science outreach “serves everyone.” “We need to keep on asking questions,” MacLean said. “We need to keep asking…Continue Reading “Photos: Ithaca March for Science”

By Josh Brokaw In the ideal representative democracy ready-made for academic schemata, an election campaign leads to a vote and then a decision. The people take some time to discuss the pluses and minuses of an action or a candidate, they register their rational choice in the ballot box, and a resolution is reached based on the votes. Real-world democracy isn’t so simple. The Cornell administration and graduate student community is learning that the hard way this week. Nearly three years of organizing by Cornell…Continue Reading “Cornell Grads’ Union Vote In Question, Re-Vote Possible”

By Josh Brokaw After more than 30 bargaining sessions over 17 months, Ithaca College and the Ithaca College Contingent Faculty Union agreed on a first contract in the last hour of Sunday, March 26. The two-day strike planned by the faculty union for March 28 and 29 was called off. The final bargaining session started at 1 p.m. on March 26 and lasted past 11 p.m. Tweets and Facebook posts announcing what the faculty union calls a victory started trickling online around midnight. Support more…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Contingent Faculty Get A Contract”

By Josh Brokaw The Ithaca College contingent faculty union is planning a strike and has filed federal charges of illegal union busting activity by the IC administration. After a bargaining session held on March 8 and another, emergency, session the morning of Thursday, March 9. A tweet by the @ICContingent Twitter account sent early Thursday afternoon said “We have seen no movement whatsoever from the administration. We will #strike on March 28th and 29th.” Read More: Feb 15: Ithaca College Faculty Authorizes Strike March 2:…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Union Plans Strike, Alleges Union Busting by IC Admin”

By Josh Brokaw Cornell Graduate Students United presented a petition with more than 1,200 signatures in support of their organizing effort to Cornell administration on Wednesday, March 8. After three years of organizing, CGSU will be holding a vote for union recognition by the time of Cornell’s spring break, which starts April 1. According to organizers with the American Federation of Teachers and New York State United Teachers, the union affiliated with CGSU, the 1,200-plus signatures are all graduate students and that number is a…Continue Reading “Cornell Grad Workers Filing for Union Election”

By Josh Brokaw “Cornell has many large auditoriums and is dedicated to serving the community,” thought the reporter as he hurried across campus on a windy, below-freezing day in February. “Surely Cornell knows that hundreds of people in this extremely liberal town will want to see a man who has been living in front of Democracy Now! microphones for months on end … “Cornell let a man who sells cleaning supplies talk at that nice big Statler Auditorium,” the reporter continued inner-monologuing to himself earnestly…Continue Reading “Too Few Seats at Cornell For Dave Archambault of Standing Rock”

By Josh Brokaw Since Truthsayers last checked on the first contract battle between Ithaca College’s administration and its contingent faculty union, the two parties have come a bit closer on key proposals while tensions over tactics have increased. On Monday, Feb. 20, and Friday, Feb. 24, contingent faculty members of SEIU Local 200, members of other local unions, and other folks demonstrated by Ithaca College’s entrance and marched onto campus in actions organized by the Tompkins County Workers’ Center. Support more Truthsaying reporting with a…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Admin, Faculty Union Ramp Up Pressure in Negotiating Fight”

By Josh Brokaw Members of the Ithaca College faculty union voted to authorize any action up to and including a strike on Tuesday, Feb. 14, as the union continues to negotiate a first contract with the Ithaca College administration. The bargaining committee for Ithaca College’s chapter of SEIU Local 200 is made up of 10 instructors who are hired either on a part-time (semester-long) and full-time contingent (year-long) contract basis. Part-time faculty voted to join SEIU 200 in May 2015; the full-time contingent faculty joined…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Faculty Votes to Authorize Strike, Questions Contracts Going Unrenewed”