This post is adapted from research and emails from Ithaca resident Jerone Gagliano, who has been investigating NYSEG’s installation, starting this week, of smart meters to monitor the electricity usage of about 12,400 households and natural gas usage of about 7,300 households in Tompkins County. If you have information, links, or research you think your neighbors could benefit from, share it on TruthSayers: email or use the “Contact Us” form. Gagliano had this to say about his research into the “smart meters,” which have…Continue Reading “NYSEG Smart Meter Installations Start This Week: What You Need to Know”

By Josh Brokaw Dominion Transmission will need more permits from the Town of Dryden to complete planned upgrades to the Borger compressor station in Ellis Hollow. At a May 1 meeting in Varna, Town of Dryden supervisor Jason Leifer told concerned neighbors of the compressor station that Dominion already had approvals from the town and from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC]. At that point, Dominion would have needed to volunteer to go through the town’s “special use permit” process before making upgrades, Leifer said….Continue Reading “Dryden Tells Dominion to Stop Work on Pipeline Project”

By Josh Brokaw Representatives of Dominion Transmission heard their company’s commitment to being a good neighbor questioned over and over in a meeting at the Varna Community Center on Monday, May 1. The Borger Compressor Station, on Ellis Hollow Road in the Town of Dryden, is slated to receive upgrades as part of Dominion’s $158 million “New Market” pipeline upgrade project. The company wants to push more natural gas from Clinton County, Pennsylvania, to utilities Brooklyn United and Niagara Mohawk. The two National Grid subsidiaries…Continue Reading “‘What Are You Hiding?’ – Citizens Question Dominion Pipeline Project”

Glaciers might again cover the Finger Lakes before every person arrested protesting gas storage next to Seneca Lake gets their day in court. Since October 2014, protesters associated with We Are Seneca Lake have been staging acts of disobedience at the gates to the U.S. Salt facility in the Town of Reading, a few miles north of Watkins Glen. Crestwood Midstream, the facility’s owner, has made plans to store liquified petroleum gas (LPG) there and expand the storage of methane in caverns created by decades…Continue Reading “Seneca Lake Gas Storage Protest & Permits: Your One Stop History”

“We Cannot Afford the Denial:” NY Senators Asked to Reject Trump Cabinet Picks

A group of about 25 Tompkins County residents visited Syracuse on Monday, January 9, to visit the offices of New York senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer. They were taking part in the “Day of Denial” declared against President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees. The Tompkins County group presented the senators’ offices with letters demanding they lead the opposition to Trump’s nominees to head the departments of State, Interior, and Energy, along with the Environmental Protection Agency. From a press release sent out by the group:…Continue Reading ““We Cannot Afford the Denial:” NY Senators Asked to Reject Trump Cabinet Picks”

Elizabeth Williams was one of four Trumansburg veterans who traveled to North Dakota last week as part of Veterans Stand For Standing Rock [VSFSR]. Truthsayers shared an update she sent us while on the road to Standing Rock earlier this week, which you can read here. On December 6, after a blizzard hit North Dakota, Williams posted on Facebook that she was part of a group “staying to operate a shelter for evacuees from the camp, elders and children. Roads are currently closed or blocked…Continue Reading ““No one was left behind:” A Veteran’s Reflections on Standing Rock”

Upstate NY Veterans Report for Standing Rock Deployment

Four military veterans from Trumansburg are at Standing Rock to take part in the Veterans Stand for Standing Rock action against continued construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their five-vehicle caravan of about 40 veterans from Upstate New York made it to North Dakota late on Saturday, December 3, according to Elizabeth Williams, after leaving New York on Friday, December 2. The Trumansburg veterans are Colleen Boland, a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in the White House National Space Council; Nate Lewis and Kevin…Continue Reading “Upstate NY Veterans Report for Standing Rock Deployment”

Report from Standing Rock: Wounded Knee Kitchen, Oceti Sakowin Camp

David Guthrie, of South Bend, Indiana, has been updating his Facebook friends and followers on what he’s been seeing and learning at the Oceti Sakowin camp in Standing Rock, North Dakota. Guthrie has been camping and working at the Wounded Knee Kitchen in the Wild Oglala Camp, one of the many camps that make up the larger Oceti Sakowin camp. “Jane Fonda’s serving a feast nearby,” Guthrie reported on November 24, while his camp was observing Thanksgiving by fasting. Posts come from Guthrie in bursts,…Continue Reading “Report from Standing Rock: Wounded Knee Kitchen, Oceti Sakowin Camp”

Ithacans Arrested in North Dakota Heading Home

A group of Ithacans arrested last week in Bismarck, North Dakota, are on their way back to New York after spending several days in a Fargo jail. Clare Grady, Leah Grady, Jessica Stewart, and Hannah Kinsella, all members of Ithaca Catholic Worker, were arrested on Thursday, Nov. 3, in the North Dakota state capitol building. “They were asking for a meeting with the governor to do his part in stopping this pipeline. They sat down and wouldn’t leave,” said Paki Weiland, a Catholic Worker from…Continue Reading “Ithacans Arrested in North Dakota Heading Home”

A Report From New York: The People’s Climate March

This story was originally published September 23, 2014, on the journalism crowdfunding site Beacon Reader with the financial support of 50-plus donors. Support more reporting by this independent Truthsayer with a donation. Today! By Josh Brokaw Two marchers hold up their signs for another photographer at the People’s Climate March on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014. Photo/Josh Brokaw Why Is Everyone Here? Any time people gather together who are concerned with climate change, global warming, carbon emissions – however you want to phrase it these days…Continue Reading “A Report From New York: The People’s Climate March”