By Josh Brokaw Sometime, in the presumably near future, Ithaca and Tompkins County will join the growing number of municipalities practicing the principles of Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion [LEAD]. Changing the practices of how Ithaca Police Department and Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office officers deal with people who frequently interact with law enforcement was one of…Continue Reading “How Ithaca Can Arrest Fewer People: Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion”

By Josh Brokaw A Seneca County mother who gave birth in the Cayuga Birthplace in November 2016 has sued Cayuga Medical Center and an anesthesiologist there for performing “four unsuccessful epidurals” in her back before she delivered a healthy baby boy. Epidural anesthesia during childbirth is given “through a fine tube inserted in the mother’s…Continue Reading “Cayuga Medical Sued By Mother For 4 Botched Epidural Attempts”

By Josh Brokaw The Tompkins County Legislature will be voting at its Thursday, November 9 meeting on whether to file a lawsuit against pharmaceutical opioid manfacturers for county costs associated with the opioid addiction crisis. This reporter has misplaced his notes from the November 1 Government Operations committee meeting at which Tompkins County legislators discussed…Continue Reading “Suing Big Pharma? Tompkins County Voting on Opioid Lawsuit Thursday”

By Josh Brokaw When the Ithaca Plan drug policy was rolled out in February 2016, the one idea among its many recommendations that grabbed headlines nationwide was the idea of a supervised injection facility [SIF]. The idea of giving needle drug users a supervised place to inject heroin has been tried in many other countries,…Continue Reading “Supervised Injection Facilities a Rational Response to Drug Problem, County Med Director Says”

Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw A group of about 20 people gathered along East Martin Luther King Jr. Street in front of the Gateway Commons this Friday, September 22, to register their protest against the Republican health care bill currently proposed in Congress by Senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Bill Cassidy (Louisiana). “The…Continue Reading “Ithacans Protest Proposed GOP Health Care Bill”

By Josh Brokaw The future of Ithaca Community Gardens is in question, again, since Cayuga Medical Center announced the purchase this June of the Route 13-facing Carpenter Business Park property that includes an option to buy the property on which the Gardens sit from the city. By spending $10 million to buy Carpenter Business Park…Continue Reading “Ithaca Community Gardens Want to Stay, Cayuga Medical Says Go”

TruthSayers cartoonist Christine Finnigan submitted these notes and photographs from Representative Tom Reed’s visit to the Trumansburg fire hall on Saturday, June 3. If you have writing, photos, or video to share on meetings or other issues of public importance, email Words & Photos by Christine Finnigan Another exercise in futility trying to be…Continue Reading “Notes & Photos: Tom Reed in Trumansburg”

By Josh Brokaw Update, May 13: As one reader on social media have pointed out, this piece is “ridiculously biased.” This piece is not meant to be straight-ahead reporting – this piece is one reporter’s feeling about the situation at Cayuga Medical Center after doing months of reporting on issues there. Cayuga Health System –…Continue Reading “A Happy “Screw You” From Cayuga Medical For National Nurses’ Week”

Anne Marshall came onto WRFI News on Tuesday, April 11, to speak with co-hosts Forrester Hammer and Josh Brokaw about returning to work via a judge’s injunction on April 3. Marshall spoke about the National Labor Relations Board trial that wrapped up last week, where it was alleged that Cayuga Medical Center fired her and…Continue Reading “Audio: Anne Marshall On Returning to Work and Organizing at Cayuga Medical”