Anne Marshall came onto WRFI News on Tuesday, April 11, to speak with co-hosts Forrester Hammer and Josh Brokaw about returning to work via a judge’s injunction on April 3. Marshall spoke about the National Labor Relations Board trial that wrapped up last week, where it was alleged that Cayuga Medical Center fired her and another nurse for union activity, rather than not following a blood transfusion protocol. Marshall also spoke about getting the campaign for Cayuga Medical nurses to join SEIU 1199 back in…Continue Reading “Audio: Anne Marshall On Returning to Work and Organizing at Cayuga Medical”

By Josh Brokaw The second federal case in less than a year against Cayuga Medical Center for alleged labor law violations wrapped up on Tuesday, April 4. The trial started on January 9 and took 16 days of testimony broken up over four multiple-day stints. After a three week break in this National Labor Relations Board hearing, it resumed on Monday, April 3 – the same day fired nurse Anne Marshall went back to work under a federal injunction. Cayuga Medical presented its last two…Continue Reading “Dealing With the “Labor Organizing Threat:” Cayuga Medical Federal Trial Ends”

By Josh Brokaw The two Cayuga Medical Center nurses who were allegedly fired for their union organizing activity in October 2016 will be back at work in the hospital’s intensive care unit by this coming Monday. Truthsayers reported on February 23 that the National Labor Relations Board had filed an injunction in federal court to return Anne Marshall and Loran Lamb to their jobs, pending the results of an ongoing NLRB trial that’s entering its fourth week of testimony, spread out over three months. On…Continue Reading “Federal Judge: Cayuga Medical Must Put Fired Nurses Back to Work”

By Josh Brokaw A lawsuit has been filed against Cayuga Medical Center in the case of the 52-year-old man who died in the Emergency Department waiting room on January 19. The suit was filed on Monday, March 20 with the Supreme Court of Tompkins County, by Jeff DeFrancisco, a Syracuse attorney. The suit is filed for punitive damages on behalf of the estate of Lloyd Robert Phelps, and his brother and executor Allen Phelps. Rob Phelps, as he was known to family and friends, was…Continue Reading “Death in Cayuga Medical ER Waiting Room: Lawsuit Filed”

By Josh Brokaw The federal trial over allegations that Cayuga Medical Center fired two nurses for union organizing adjourned on the afternoon of Friday, March 10. So far, there have been 14 whole or partial days of testimony spread out over three weeks in this National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] hearing, which started on January 9. NLRB judge Kimberly Soag Graves and attorneys for Cayuga Medical Center [CMC], the NLRB, and Service Employees International Union Local 1199, the union that CMC nurses started organizing to…Continue Reading “Cayuga Medical Union Busting Trial: Why So Long?”

The lines of Cayuga Medical Center’s defense against allegations it broke federal labor law have become clearer in recent days as the second National Labor Relations Board trial about union organizing in less than a year continues. The hospital, via its attorney Raymond Pascucci, of Bond Schoeneck & King, is arguing that intensive care unit nurses Anne Marshall and Loran Lamb were not singled out for their union organizing activity when they were fired in October 2016. Rather, CMC argues the two nurses committed a…Continue Reading “Blood Transfusions Can Turn Deadly: Cayuga Medical Mounts Its Defense”

By Josh Brokaw Attorneys for the National Labor Relations Board and SEIU Local 1199 rested their case against Cayuga Medical Center on Thursday, March 2, after eight days of testimony. Anne Marshall and Loran Lamb, the two intensive care unit nurses allegedly fired for their union activity by Cayuga Medical Center [CMC], took the stand on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. Marshall has been telling her side of the events of September 11, 2016, for months now, most of which can be read in this Truthsayers…Continue Reading “Nurses Fired by Cayuga Medical Testify in Federal Hearing”

By Josh Brokaw Cayuga Medical Center’s second trial before a federal judge in less than a year began again on Monday, Feb. 27. Karen Ames, CMC’s chief patient safety officer, was on the stand for most of the afternoon, with a brief appearance by John Turner, CMC’s vice president of public relations. This National Labor Relations Board [NLRB] trial is to determine whether Anne Marshall and Loran Lamb, two CMC nurses, were illegally fired by the hospital in October 2016 because of their union organizing…Continue Reading “Cayuga Medical Federal Trial, Continued: Nurses Fired for ‘Total System Failure’ or Union Organizing?”

By Josh Brokaw If a federal judge issues an injunction in their favor, two nurses fired in October 2016 by Cayuga Medical Center will go back to work at Tompkins County’s only hospital. On Tuesday, Feb. 21, the National Labor Relations Board filed a request for a temporary injunction in the northern district court of New York, under article 10j of the National Labor Relations Act. If a federal judge decides the injunction is appropriate, it would restore Anne Marshall and another intensive care unit…Continue Reading “Fired Cayuga Medical Nurses Could Be Returned To Work By Judge’s Order”

Jeff DeFrancisco, a Syracuse-based personal injury lawyer, announced in a Feb. 15 press release sent out to media on Wednesday morning that he has retained by the family of the man who died in Cayuga Medical Center’s emergency department waiting room on Jan. 19. Read More:  Patient Death in Cayuga Medical Waiting Room Cayuga Medical Update: Joint Commission Investigating, Nurses Talk Triage The release sums up several of the numerous reports that came to light quoting the nurse involved and Cayuga Medical administration. It withholds…Continue Reading “Family’s Attorney Investigating ER Waiting Room Death at Cayuga Medical”