Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw A circle of people gathered round in a cold drizzle on the afternoon of Thursday, March 31, on Ithaca’s Commons to protest the detention of José Coyote Pérez by Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]. Pérez is a farm worker and advocate who has lived in Livingston County for 17 years, according to the Worker Justice Center of New York. He was detained by ICE on Feb. 24 and is now being held in Batavia, though his case was closed…Continue Reading “Ithacans Rally for José Coyote Pérez, Farmworker Detained by ICE”

In this episode of Truthsayers TV, number four, we take a look at some of citizens’ appeals to both the city of Ithaca and Tompkins County to strengthen and enact “sanctuary” legislation. On February 1, the Common Council of Ithaca passed sanctuary legislation, and on February 21, the Tompkins County legislature passed what became known as a “Public Safety for All” bill. Both of the resolutions were in response to Donald Trump’s election as president and his rhetoric and executive orders that emphasize the deporting…Continue Reading “Truthsayers TV: On Sanctuary”

By Josh Brokaw Catholic Charities of Tompkins & Tioga counties announced on Tuesday, Feb. 14, that the first family to come through its new refugee resettlement program will be arriving in upstate New York by the end of February. The Afghan family of six are coming to the United States under the “special immigrant visa” [SIV] program, a resettlement option for translators who have served with the U.S. military or its contractors during the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. The process of getting a…Continue Reading “Refugee Resettlement Primer: From Over There to the United States”