By Josh Brokaw When the Ithaca Plan drug policy was rolled out in February 2016, the one idea among its many recommendations that grabbed headlines nationwide was the idea of a supervised injection facility [SIF]. The idea of giving needle drug users a supervised place to inject heroin has been tried in many other countries, but never in the United States. The idea of a supervised injection facility “came to me as a very foreign concept,” Dr. William Klepack told the Tompkins County Health &…Continue Reading “Supervised Injection Facilities a Rational Response to Drug Problem, County Med Director Says”

By Josh Brokaw You might have seen the billboards that state the issue clearly: “Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children is happening in Tompkins County.” The commercial sexual exploitation of children [abbreviated as CSEC] happens when someone under 18 years old has sex for the “exchange or the promise of exchange of something of value.” That’s how Naomi Barry, of the Advocacy Center, defined CSEC for a roomful of service providers at the October 4 Housing & Homeless Task Force meeting. Items of value could include…Continue Reading “Sexual Exploitation of Children Happening in Tompkins County”

By Josh Brokaw The Chemung County Sheriff’s Department was searching for marijuana plants from the air last week. The Ithaca Police Department provided “assistance” of an unknown kind in the search, according to a Facebook post from Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss. Moss posted on Facebook on the morning of Wednesday, September 27, that his department was “Using drone technology to search for marijuana in standing corn fields throughout the County.” The above post from Moss garnered quite a bit of attention from Facebook users…Continue Reading “Chemung County, Ithaca Police Busting Pot Growers With Air Intel”