Do you want to know what your local government is doing? Here are your opportunities to help TruthSayers cover activity this week by Tompkins County governments. It’s a slow week, with the July 4 holiday, but government keeps on lumbering on, even in the summertime. If you would like to help TruthSayers cover more issues that matter, if you are at a meeting, be a reporter. Send us recordings, photographs, or notes, and TruthSayers will publish them while crediting you. Email with stories and…Continue Reading “Tompkins County Government: Happenings July 5-7”

Over Ithaca Festival weekend, TruthSayers hosted an Interactive Mobile Newsroom experience. This interactive mobile newsroom could also be called a “table covered in typewriters,” with the TruthSayers staff – that is, everyone who wants to tell truth about the world around us- filling up 30-plus pages with thoughts and varied typewritten experiments throughout the weekend. Many of our staff had not used a typewriter before; others hadn’t pecked at a mechanical writing machine for many moons. The results begin with a call that “raine or…Continue Reading “Type Your Truth Results: Ithaca Festival Edition”

Christine Finnigan, of Trumansburg, returns to Truthsayers with three more cartoons. In this edition of Cartoon Commentary, we meet the Trumptastic Wizard of Oz, take in President Trump’s view from his tower of the First 100 Days, and see what Scott Pruitt is up to as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. See more cartoons from Christine here and here. If you’d like to publish commentary, visual or otherwise, on Truthsayers, use the “contact us” box in the top left hand corner of this page….Continue Reading “Cartoon Commentary: Meet The Trumptastic Wizard of Oz and Scott Pruitt, GraveDigger”

Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw The phrase “pseudo-event” has been rattling around my head a lot lately. It probably made its way there from an Atlantic story last December, because once that Very Serious magazine re-discovers a popular 1950 or ’60s bit of political wisdom, it likes to use it at least twice. To say “pseudo-event” is simply to say an event is put on by an entity with power, for the purpose of getting media attention. Congressman Tom Reed’s town hall meetings are…Continue Reading “Notes & Photos: Tom Reed Visits Ithaca”

Christine Finnigan sent Truthsayers two more cartoons this week. In this edition, we take a look at Trump Tower whilst under water and see the Gold Crested Fib Hatcher in his lair. See more cartoons from Christine here. If you’d like to publish commentary, visual or otherwise, on Truthsayers, use the “contact us” box in the top left hand corner of this page.

Christine Finnigan, Trumansburg artist and retired Ithaca City School District art teacher, sent Truthsayers these political cartoons for everyone to absorb and, perhaps, enjoy – depending on one’s point of view. Christine made these cartoons in pen and watercolor. If you’d like to publish commentary, visual or otherwise, on Truthsayers, use the “contact us” box in the top left hand corner of this page.

Whoever’s running the Truthsayers TV arm needs to get themselves together before we are forced to offer them a generous severance package. This episode of Truthsayers TV was produced and completed by January 26, but no one thought to let our readers know that they could take a break from reading and watch this episode – full of scenes from a Donald Trump piñata smashing on Inauguration Day and the Women’s March on Ithaca that following Saturday. Our TV person also didn’t get around to…Continue Reading “Truthsayers TV: Inauguration Weekend in Ithaca”

Our friends at Truthsayers TV posted their most recent episode, a 2016 Year In Review show for the Ithaca area, to the facebooks, but neglected to post the episode right here on Since some small part of this project includes liberation from the commercial hegemony of platforms like facebook (and youtube, but we’re still looking for someone with a peer-to-peer video platform …) this is a disgrace. The TV people also forgot to mention anything about all the water issues happening in 2016, from…Continue Reading “Truthsayers TV: 2016 In Review”

Pussy Riot: Punk Rock Protest

By Josh Brokaw Pussy Riot is a punk rock protest group that made worldwide headlines in 2012 by performing a “punk prayer” in Moscow at the Cathedral of Christ our Savior, with the chorus “Mother of God, drive Putin away.” Three of the group’s members were arrested and imprisoned for the action – on charges of hooliganism – and spent time in Russian prisons. Masha Alyokhina, one of two Pussy Riot members imprisoned for about 21 months, talked about punk rock and at Cornell on…Continue Reading “Pussy Riot: Punk Rock Protest”