Photos & Words by Josh Brokaw The Ithaca Commons were full on the afternoon of Saturday, April 22, with people coming out to show their support of science education and funding. The Ithaca/Central New York rally was one of many held worldwide on Earth Day 2017. Tristan MacLean, a co-founder of the educational project Keep On Questioning, told the crowd gathered before the Bernie Milton pavilion that science outreach “serves everyone.” “We need to keep on asking questions,” MacLean said. “We need to keep asking…Continue Reading “Photos: Ithaca March for Science”

By Josh Brokaw Refusing to pay taxes is one form of nonviolent resistance that has a long history in the annals of American dissent. War tax resistance dates back to Quaker and Mennonite opposition to the French and Indian War in 1755, according to an article by Ed Hedemann in the War Resisters League Organizers Manual. Henry David Thoreau was jailed for non-payment of taxes during the Mexican War, during which time he wrote his essay on civil disobedience. The advent of employee tax withholding…Continue Reading “No War, No Trump: Tax Resisters Withhold Support”

Christine Finnigan, of Trumansburg, returns to Truthsayers with three more cartoons. In this edition of Cartoon Commentary, we meet the Trumptastic Wizard of Oz, take in President Trump’s view from his tower of the First 100 Days, and see what Scott Pruitt is up to as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. See more cartoons from Christine here and here. If you’d like to publish commentary, visual or otherwise, on Truthsayers, use the “contact us” box in the top left hand corner of this page….Continue Reading “Cartoon Commentary: Meet The Trumptastic Wizard of Oz and Scott Pruitt, GraveDigger”

Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw The phrase “pseudo-event” has been rattling around my head a lot lately. It probably made its way there from an Atlantic story last December, because once that Very Serious magazine re-discovers a popular 1950 or ’60s bit of political wisdom, it likes to use it at least twice. To say “pseudo-event” is simply to say an event is put on by an entity with power, for the purpose of getting media attention. Congressman Tom Reed’s town hall meetings are…Continue Reading “Notes & Photos: Tom Reed Visits Ithaca”

By Josh Brokaw The night Tom Reed visited Ithaca, his little one-desk office on the fourth floor of the Gateway center was redolent of pad Thai, pizza, chicken wings, and a storebought sesame and shiitake salad dressing that flavored the only vegetables available in an anarchic desktop buffet. The buffet was catered by a stream of well-wishers and fellow travelers who had come by to see the 24-hours-a-day occupiers of a room rented by the New York 23rd congressional district’s representative not so people can…Continue Reading “On the Extreme Ithaca Liberal Occupation of Tom Reed’s Office”

Christine Finnigan sent Truthsayers two more cartoons this week. In this edition, we take a look at Trump Tower whilst under water and see the Gold Crested Fib Hatcher in his lair. See more cartoons from Christine here. If you’d like to publish commentary, visual or otherwise, on Truthsayers, use the “contact us” box in the top left hand corner of this page.

Christine Finnigan, Trumansburg artist and retired Ithaca City School District art teacher, sent Truthsayers these political cartoons for everyone to absorb and, perhaps, enjoy – depending on one’s point of view. Christine made these cartoons in pen and watercolor. If you’d like to publish commentary, visual or otherwise, on Truthsayers, use the “contact us” box in the top left hand corner of this page.

New York State Assembly member Andrew Hevesi (D-Queens) visited Ithaca on Wednesday, February 1 to promote a bill that would significantly increase cash subsidies to people struggling to make rent. Hevesi has been gathering support for months for Home Stability Support, in the midst of what he called “the worst homeless crisis in New York since the Great Depression.” On Wednesday, Hevesi made his case outside Ithaca’s City Hall flanked by Mayor Svante Myrick, Assemblyperson Barbara Lifton, and Ithaca Rescue Mission director Rich Bennett. Hevesi…Continue Reading “More $$ For Renting Poor?”

The Rev. Osagyefo Sekou visited Cornell on Monday, January 30, to speak on the “task of the artist in the time of monsters.” Sekou is a St. Louis native who spent three months in Ferguson, Missouri, among the protesters who took to the streets after Michael Brown’s killing by police there in August 2014. A third-generation Pentecostal preacher, Sekou opened his talk to an over-capacity Goldwin Smith Hall classroom with the observation that in our society, people can rattle off the names of our monsters…Continue Reading “To Be Human Is A Revolutionary Act: Rev. Sekou On The Artist’s Task In Monstrous Times”

By Josh Brokaw Tompkins County Democrats got in line at the county library on Saturday, January 28, to have their voices heard. People lined up along the room’s sides for a turn at the microphone, with listeners spilling out of the meeting room’s doors. That their voices were heard by other people whom, in theory, were all registered Democrats, was the point of the session, it seems. The initial concept –  laid out in a press release, was to have an unreported session because “the…Continue Reading “Tompkins County Democrats Listen To Each Other, Now What To Do?”