Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw A group of about 20 people gathered along East Martin Luther King Jr. Street in front of the Gateway Commons this Friday, September 22, to register their protest against the Republican health care bill currently proposed in Congress by Senators Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) and Bill Cassidy (Louisiana). “The bill for health care is coming up again for a vote in the Senate,” said Rebecca Elgie, who’s worked on a proposal for single-payer health care with the Campaign for…Continue Reading “Ithacans Protest Proposed GOP Health Care Bill”

TruthSayers cartoonist Christine Finnigan submitted these notes and photographs from Representative Tom Reed’s visit to the Trumansburg fire hall on Saturday, June 3. If you have writing, photos, or video to share on meetings or other issues of public importance, email josh.brokaw@truthsayers.org. Words & Photos by Christine Finnigan Another exercise in futility trying to be heard at a Tom Reed town hall this morning in Trumansburg.  At 8:10, we arrived to find the room had reached capacity (180) already. The fire hall folks tried to…Continue Reading “Notes & Photos: Tom Reed in Trumansburg”

By Josh Brokaw About 40,000 AT&T Mobility workers are planning on going out on strike for three days starting at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 19, if their contract demands are not met. The workers include those represented by Communications Workers of America District 1 at AT&T Mobility corporate-owned stores in Ithaca, Horseheads, Vestal, Johnson City, and three in Onondaga County. About 21,000 workers across 36 states in retail stores are planning on striking, along with 19,000 landline and DirecTV workers in California, Nevada, and…Continue Reading “AT&T Workers Planning Weekend Strike Across New York, U.S.”

By Josh Brokaw Representatives of Dominion Transmission heard their company’s commitment to being a good neighbor questioned over and over in a meeting at the Varna Community Center on Monday, May 1. The Borger Compressor Station, on Ellis Hollow Road in the Town of Dryden, is slated to receive upgrades as part of Dominion’s $158 million “New Market” pipeline upgrade project. The company wants to push more natural gas from Clinton County, Pennsylvania, to utilities Brooklyn United and Niagara Mohawk. The two National Grid subsidiaries…Continue Reading “‘What Are You Hiding?’ – Citizens Question Dominion Pipeline Project”

By Josh Brokaw Some Ithaca College students are planning on “camping in” this week at the school’s Peggy Ryan Williams Center, the glossy, glassy administration building with a spectacular view of Cayuga Lake. Students for Labor Action at Ithaca College held a press conference on Tuesday, May 2, to announce their action in support of contingent faculty professors Shoshe Cole, Rachel Gunderson, and David Kornreich. The “Fired 3,” as their advocates call the professors, were on the bargaining committee that negotiated the first contract for…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Students Camping In For ‘Fired 3’ Professors”

Workers struck in Puerto Rico and in New York City this May Day, and those are just the results turned up from mainstream sources with a few pages of google searching. In Ithaca, the Food Not Bombs crew held a “Picket Picnic” to celebrate International Workers’ Day, down in the middle of the octopus on Inlet Island, where a 20-plus foot MAY DAY WORLDWIDE STRIKE banner was unfurled for the benefit of passing motorists and pedestrians.   Laden with banners, a delegation marched from the…Continue Reading “Ithaca Marches for May Day”

Photos & Words by Josh Brokaw The Ithaca Commons were full on the afternoon of Saturday, April 22, with people coming out to show their support of science education and funding. The Ithaca/Central New York rally was one of many held worldwide on Earth Day 2017. Tristan MacLean, a co-founder of the educational project Keep On Questioning, told the crowd gathered before the Bernie Milton pavilion that science outreach “serves everyone.” “We need to keep on asking questions,” MacLean said. “We need to keep asking…Continue Reading “Photos: Ithaca March for Science”

By Josh Brokaw Refusing to pay taxes is one form of nonviolent resistance that has a long history in the annals of American dissent. War tax resistance dates back to Quaker and Mennonite opposition to the French and Indian War in 1755, according to an article by Ed Hedemann in the War Resisters League Organizers Manual. Henry David Thoreau was jailed for non-payment of taxes during the Mexican War, during which time he wrote his essay on civil disobedience. The advent of employee tax withholding…Continue Reading “No War, No Trump: Tax Resisters Withhold Support”

Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw A circle of people gathered round in a cold drizzle on the afternoon of Thursday, March 31, on Ithaca’s Commons to protest the detention of José Coyote Pérez by Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]. Pérez is a farm worker and advocate who has lived in Livingston County for 17 years, according to the Worker Justice Center of New York. He was detained by ICE on Feb. 24 and is now being held in Batavia, though his case was closed…Continue Reading “Ithacans Rally for José Coyote Pérez, Farmworker Detained by ICE”

Words & Photos by Josh Brokaw The phrase “pseudo-event” has been rattling around my head a lot lately. It probably made its way there from an Atlantic story last December, because once that Very Serious magazine re-discovers a popular 1950 or ’60s bit of political wisdom, it likes to use it at least twice. To say “pseudo-event” is simply to say an event is put on by an entity with power, for the purpose of getting media attention. Congressman Tom Reed’s town hall meetings are…Continue Reading “Notes & Photos: Tom Reed Visits Ithaca”