TruthSayers News exists to put out straight-ahead reporting that punches up and to provide a voice for people who don’t have much of one.

Reporter Josh Brokaw started TruthSayers News in October 2016 after breaking up with the Ithaca Times a couple months before.

One of Brokaw’s biggest stories so far on TruthSayers News has been following the union campaign and subsequent federal union busting at Cayuga Medical Center, Ithaca’s only hospital, coverage of which was severely lacking from other outlets. [At the Times, the publisher nixed any coverage of that campaign – suffice it to say that Cayuga Medical pays plenty in advertising fees to that “alternative” paper.]

Brokaw broke the story of a patient dying in the Cayuga Medical emergency department waiting room in January 2017, which has been read over 25,000 times and forced hospital administrators to admit the incident to local press. Brokaw has also been following union organizing and activity at Cornell and Ithaca College, along with other Ithaca-area stories that need the attention.

We have run political cartoons from a Trumansburg artist and first-person reports from Standing Rock. New contributors are always welcome, though the pay ain’t great. TruthSayers News, like every other independent, grass roots media empire, is trying to figure out the money thing – so if you’d like to keep its sole staff reporter alive, please make a donation.

If you have some news to report that needs to get Out There, contact us. Everyone who pays attention can be a reporter.

… More manifesto to come, some day. For now, we’ve got reporting to do.