Truthsayers is a place, a “platform,” as the internet types call news sources and websites alike now, for straight-ahead reporting that punches up.

Truthsayers is a site for reporting about local news: people and institutions that affect your every day life.

Truthsayers was started-up in October 2016 by reporter Josh Brokaw, because he’s a ne’r-do-well idler who really gets in a tizzy when stories gets squashed for reasons of economic expediency [i.e. “We wouldn’t want to say anything mean about these folks. They advertise!”] We don’t do Bosses here at Truthsayers. We’re still figuring out the income thing.

If you have some news to report that needs to get Out There, contact us. Everyone who pays attention can be a reporter.

… More manifesto to come, some day. For now, we’ve got reporting to do.