By Beth Harris and Patricia Rodríguez All views expressed are that of the authors, who were participants in the events they report on below. From November 10 to 12, several members of the Ithaca College community and the Tompkins County Immigrant Rights Coalition (TCIRC) traveled to the Arizona/Sonora border to participate in the 2nd Border…Continue Reading “Cross-Border Organizing: Report from the SOAW Border Encuentro”

By Josh Brokaw Some Ithaca College students are planning on “camping in” this week at the school’s Peggy Ryan Williams Center, the glossy, glassy administration building with a spectacular view of Cayuga Lake. Students for Labor Action at Ithaca College held a press conference on Tuesday, May 2, to announce their action in support of…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Students Camping In For ‘Fired 3’ Professors”

By Josh Brokaw After more than 30 bargaining sessions over 17 months, Ithaca College and the Ithaca College Contingent Faculty Union agreed on a first contract in the last hour of Sunday, March 26. The two-day strike planned by the faculty union for March 28 and 29 was called off. The final bargaining session started…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Contingent Faculty Get A Contract”

By Josh Brokaw The Ithaca College contingent faculty union is planning a strike and has filed federal charges of illegal union busting activity by the IC administration. After a bargaining session held on March 8 and another, emergency, session the morning of Thursday, March 9. A tweet by the @ICContingent Twitter account sent early Thursday…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Union Plans Strike, Alleges Union Busting by IC Admin”

By Josh Brokaw Since Truthsayers last checked on the first contract battle between Ithaca College’s administration and its contingent faculty union, the two parties have come a bit closer on key proposals while tensions over tactics have increased. On Monday, Feb. 20, and Friday, Feb. 24, contingent faculty members of SEIU Local 200, members of…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Admin, Faculty Union Ramp Up Pressure in Negotiating Fight”

By Josh Brokaw Members of the Ithaca College faculty union voted to authorize any action up to and including a strike on Tuesday, Feb. 14, as the union continues to negotiate a first contract with the Ithaca College administration. The bargaining committee for Ithaca College’s chapter of SEIU Local 200 is made up of 10…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Faculty Votes to Authorize Strike, Questions Contracts Going Unrenewed”

Ithaca media had an email in their inboxes on Tuesday morning announcing that Ithaca College’s part-time and full-time contingent faculty union is going to hold a strike authorization vote on Feb. 13 and 14. A majority vote to authorize the strike would give the faculty’s bargaining committee, made up of about 10 members, the power…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Faculty Call Strike Authorization Vote”

Ithaca College students are back on campus, but some of their professors might not be teaching courses all the spring semester long. Winter break came and went without Ithaca College part-time and full-time contingent faculty signing a contract with the IC administration. The part-time faculty, who currently sign individual one semester contracts for $4,200 per…Continue Reading “Tenured Ithaca College Faculty Signal Support for Possible Strike”

By Josh Brokaw Ithaca College faculty members rallied at the South Hill’s campus Free Speech Rock on Wednesday, Oct. 19 to demand that the college’s trustees, who were having dinner inside the Emerson Suites, give them a fair contract. Ithaca College’s part-time faculty, who re-up their contracts semester to semester, voted to join SEIU Local…Continue Reading “Ithaca College Faculty Union Wants Action [Mostly Photos!]”